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Ece 430 Week 3 Dq 2

This file of ECE 430 Week 3 DQ 2 encompasses:Entering a classroom that is inviting is important, but entering a classroom that is stimulating and informative is also important, both for the students and the parents. Think about this weeks case study and what the parents and children experienced during the morning drop off routine.Based on the information presented in Chapter 7 regarding behavior, use Microsoft Word or another program of your choosing to create a classroom poster relating to behavior that examines common developmental behaviors, as well as strategies to encourage prosocial behaviors. Be sure your poster includes:a. The behavioral and emotional expectations characteristics for children at your chosen developmental stage (Toddler, preschool or primary) b. Ideas for encouraging prosocial behavior in the early childhood classroomc. Ideas for guiding children when their behavior is especially challenging and difficultBe creative with your poster, but also be sure to develop your content in a professional classroom manner. Be sure your poster includes a reference to the textbook to support your ideas.Guided Response: Review your classmates posters and reply to two of them. Suppose you are the administrator for the program that your classmate would have posted their poster. Provide them with feedback on their poster including:a. What you like about their behavioral and emotional expectationsb. One obstacle they might face when implementing one of the ideas they discussedc. One suggestion of an alternative way to help support positive behavior in their classroomd. One reflective question you have about their poster

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