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Discussion Boards 6

I need someone to responed to these 8 discussion post questions. I can not be any more clearier that these answers to these questions need to be in your own words and if information is used from other sources it needs to be cited and referneced in the writing. Each repsonse must be hundred words in length or more.

1. Discuss some of the major differences between hardware based VPNs, such as firewalls, and using a Windows® 2012 R2 based VPN.

2. Discuss how you would use a Network Policy Server (NPS) to allow access to the system via a VPN.

3. Discuss what NAP is and what is it used for within the network.

4. What is RADIUS and what is it used for.

5. What is the difference between passsword based authentication and certificicate based authentication.

6. What is Direct Access and what is is primarily used for.

7. What is network  location server and what is it used for.

8. What is remote access server and what functionality does it provide.

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