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Discussion Boards 5

i need someone to do discussion boards for this week that will consist of 8 questions i will post and each response must be 100 words or longer and any information not used as your own must be cited with in text citation and refernences.

1. Discuss some of the issues you would expect to encounter when configuring DFS in a production system.

2. Discuss what performance impact, if any, disk encryption would have on a system.

3. Discuss how DNS zones are replicated between servers in an Active Directory (AD) environment, and what happens within the network when DNS fails.

4. Class I have a question for you about how your current or previous employer may have handled an issue. I can see an end user trying to download and save a video they found on the Internet that shows how to perform a task that a department needs for training and operation of equipment. Probably this would be a copyright violation and they should download it each time it is needed. The problem is that it does take up bandwidth every time they need to view the video and there can be delays in the download. An even bigger potential problem is the issue that nothing on the Internet is guaranteed to be available in the future. This is the kind of problem you’ll run into and a decision on how these types of problems will be handled will be a management decision. How have you seen this kind of issue handled?

5. How to Creating and Configuring DNS Resource Records.

6. How to Configuring and Managing DNS Zones

7. What is a encryption file system with EFS

8. How do you configure DFS Namespaces.

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