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Devry Socs315 Week 6 Quiz Latest Spring 2015


Question 1.Question : (TCO 3) Which of the following is the best example of a two-career family?

Student Answer: Female attorney, male taxi driver

Male accountant, female manicurist

Male attorney, female engineer

Male politician, female community volunteer

Question 2.Question : (TCO 3) The labor-force participation rate refers to the percentage of

Student Answer: the labor force who are members of labor unions

unemployed individuals who are not seeking work.

workers who are employed or actively seeking employment

prospective employees in a given industry

Question 3.Question : (TCO 3) Which group has the lowest poverty rate?

Student Answer: Female heads of household

Single males over 25

Divorced heads of households

Married couple families

Question 4.Question : (TCO 3) The term “second shift” is used to describe

Student Answer: an individual who joins both the varsity baseball and the football teams.

men who mow the grass and do household chores on the weekends.

the requirement for both men and women to work overtime in a factory setting

a working woman’s dual role of worker and housewife.

Question 5.Question : (TCO 6) _____ is “a clinical condition in children who have received severe physical abuse, primarily from a parent or foster parent.”

Student Answer: Embryopathy

Down syndrome

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Battered-child syndrome

Question 6.Question : (TCO 6) According to available research, women remain in battering relationships for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is

Student Answer: loss of prestige.

loss of social status

the resulting downward mobility


Question 7.Question : (TCO 6) Rape syndrome or men’s proclivity to rape refers to the

Student Answer: group of factors collectively characterizing men’s likelihood to rape

personality profile specifically identifying men who will rape

personality profile identifying a male rape victim who will, in turn, rape someone else.

group of factors identifying the most likely male rape victims

Question 8.Question : (TCO 6) Investigative questions are required in a reported rape. With certain myths about rape prevalent, answers to such questions as to time and place, whether the victim was alone, and what the victim was wearing might reinforce tendencies to

Student Answer: blame the victim.

blame the police.

create tasteless jokes.

attribute the assault to an African American.

Question 9.Question : (TCO 5) The child of an alcoholic parent may misbehave and in that way deflect attention from the problems that the alcoholism creates. Consequently, the child may assume the role of _____, receiving the anger that would otherwise be directed toward the alcoholic

Student Answer: mascot

lost child



Question 10.Question : (TCO 5) _____ is the practice by which one category of people tries to rid the region of others who are different in some significant way

Student Answer: Redlining


Ethnic cleansing

Institutional genocide

Question 11.Question : (TCO 5) In terms of the percentage of its population covered by public health insurance, the United States ranks _____ many of its counterparts

Student Answer: considerably higher than

about the same as

slightly higher than

considerably lower than

Question 12.Question : (TCO 5) _____ is a physical environment within which supportive care is provided for terminally ill patients and their families that focuses on comfort, freedom from pain, and quality of life rather than cure.

Student Answer: hospice

elder hostel

nursing home

life-care center

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