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Crmj 415 Week 5 Assignment Critical Thinking Analysis Whistleblowers

In this pack of CRMJ 415 Week 5 Assignment Critical Thinking Analysis-Whistleblowers you will find the solution to:

TCOs: 1 Defining deviance, types of deviance

4 Criminal behavior

8 Organizational deviance

Case: UBS Whistleblower: Hero Becomes the Villain

January 2010. The New York Daily News reported that Bradley Birkenfeld, an American citizen and formerly a banker with the giant Swiss banking corporation UBS AG, is headed to prison to serve a 42-month sentence. Charged in 2008 by the Justice Department with conspiring to help wealthy Americans evade taxes, Birkenfeld pled guilty. Ironically it was Birkenfeld who alerted U.S. officials in 2007 to the fact that UBS routinely helped Americans hide assets from the IRS and triggered an investigation that revealed the biggest tax evasion scheme in U.S. history.

Birkenfeld discovered an internal bank document in 2005 that revealed UBS wasn

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