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Com 155 V4 Week 3 Dqs

In this paperwork of COM 155 v4 Week 3 Discussion Questions you will find the next information:

DQ 1: In what situations are compare-and-contrast essays effective? When would that style be ineffective? What is the difference? Explain. DQ 2: There are two basic organizational methods for a compare-and-contrast essay. Do you think one is a stronger method, or are they situational? Why? DQ 3: Review Ch. 10, Sectionblock 9.3, of Writing for Success. Everyone has biases. Biases are not always negative; they can help you construct a strong argument. How can a bias negatively affect your essay? What can you do to prevent this? DQ 4: The use of the first-person I in academic writing has been a source of debate. How do you feel about using I in an academic essay? What issue arises with the use of I in an academic essay, and how can you prevent it?DQ 5: Many spelling errors may be eliminated by using spell check, but spell check will not catch a correctly spelled wrong word, such as to, too, and two, or their, there, and they

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