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Cis 312 Week 11 Quiz 3

This file of CIS 312 Week 11 Quiz 3 encompasses:

A ______ is a network node that provides a connection between a LAN and a WAN or the Internet.Which of the following network types are considered short range and low speed? (Choose all that apply.)All email systems provide the transfer of text messages and attachments to the corresponding recipients. Nonetheless, to configure an email client, a mail server protocol type is required. Which of the following protocols are considered mail server types?What cable type is known for transmitting signal through light rather than electrical signals?A domain name is used to identify one or more IP addresses or URLs to a particular web page. Which of the following sections are needed to make a complete domain name, from the end of the name to the start? (Choose all that apply.)An IPV4 address consists of ______ numbers that range from 0 to 255.Which of the following Internet access methods represents broadband Internet service?A ______ is a computer on the network that provides other computers within the network with access to resources, such as disk drives, folders, printers, modems, scanners, and Internet access.What protocol is used by both web browsers or specialized programs to exchange and manipulate files over an Internet protocol computer network?What network protocol enables data to be exchanged between two computers over a secure channel?All the following are standards for wireless encryption except ________?Biometrics refers to the biological information gathered from a human body to authenticate a user. All the following are types of biometrics except ________?Which of the following features can be used as a simple firewall within wireless routers and WAPs?There are three standard account levels within Windows XP. Which of the following is not a standard account level?Windows XP can be installed on either _____ or ______ file systems.Two-way firewalls provide protection against unauthorized ______ and ______ traffic.Social engineering is composed of a variety of methods to manipulate users into performing actions or providing information. Which of the following are among the many methods used during social engineering?Which of the following settings could affect a user from joining a wireless network? (Choose all that apply.)Which of the following wireless encryption standards uses AES encryption?A software ______ is a program designed to block unauthorized data packers while permitting authorized data packets on a network.

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