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Cis 223 Unit 4 Assignment

Unit 4 Assignment

Please review this assignment in the attachment below. This assigment needs to be submitted in a access database file (.accdb) format. Please upload in this format only.

1. You have been asked by the owner of a pre-owned car dealership to set up a way to track the cars in his inventory. He often needs to search his records for specific makes and models or cars made in certain years. He also wants to be able to generate reports based on his sales and reports on which sales representatives are doing the most business.

2. Create a new Access database and set up a table named Sales Rep. Be sure to create attributes, set a primary key, select data types, and add descriptions as necessary. Use the following information:

3. Create a table named Inventory using the instructions above. Use the data shown below, with the following guidelines:

A. Set up an auto number to use for a primary key.

B. Use a drop-down list to enter the condition. Possible conditions are Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor.

4. Create a one-to-many relationship between SALES_REP and INVENTORY.

5. Create a form to enter and edit inventory information. You decide on the design of the form.

6. Enter the following record into the Inventory table using the new form:

7. The Chevrolet Lumina was sold on 5/20/08 by Bauer for $9,300. Update the record using the form.

8. Create the following reports using whatever method you prefer. Format the reports so that information is easy to find, give each report an applicable title, and include the date and your name on the report. Hint: You need to create a query to obtain the desired information, and then base the report on the query.

A. All vehicles available for sale with a selling price less than $6,000, sorted by cost in descending order.

B. All vehicles sold, grouped by Sales Rep.

C. All vehicles made by Ford and Toyota.

Submit your Access database file (.accdb) following the instructions below.

Please Refer To The Attachment Below To Answer These Questions.

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