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Case Ages Analytical Corporation Response Paper

Part 1

Let’s talk about the Case Response Paper you just completed–Aegis Analytical Corporation.  Questions I’m interested in discussing are:


1.  Evaluate Aegis’s strategy for forming alliances to market its product.  Why did Aegis form the alliances in the first place?  What was the motive for entering each?

2.  What are the motives for Honeywell and Rockwell for maintaining the alliances?

3.  What are the advantages and disadvantages for each contract’s provisions for Aegis?

4.  Now that the alliances are more than a year old, what is the reason that neither alliance has resulted in a sale of Aegis’s product?

5.  What Aegis’s options regarding these alliances?  Which option should it select?

6.  What changes might Aegis make beyond those pertaining to these two alliances?

(450 words and citation – )

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