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Capella Bus Fp3040 Unit 6 Labor Relations Recommendations Assessment Description

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: Competency 1: Apply human resource strategies to business needs. Compare data to recommend options to organizational management. Use human resource strategies to resolve business needs. Competency 2: Prepare appropriate communication to facilitate management decision-making. Prepare professional proposal and presentation for organizational management consideration. Develop recommendations to facilitate management decision-making. Competency 4: Appreciate the strategic value of HRM within a competitive global business environment. Analyze how an overseas labor solution meets organizational needs. Assessment Instructions Preparation For this assessment, you will research different countries to make a recommendation for an overseas manufacturing site for a selected organization. At this time, select a company that has a manufacturing component to use as the basis for your analysis. If you choose the organization where you are currently employed, please keep in mind that the analyses you make must be based on facts that can be documented rather than your personal opinion as an employee. The International Labour Organization (ILO) is an agency of the United Nations that creates and promotes international labor standards. The ILO convenes representatives of governments, employers, and workers to form international policies and programs promoting human rights and decent work for all. The ILO maintains an online database of international labor statistics, called Laborsta. To use the database to prepare for this assessment, navigate to ILO (linked in the Assessment Resources) and complete the following: Under Statistics and databases, click LABORSTA, then, in the left menu, Laborsta for ILO Offices. Click a geographic region of interest. Click Main statistics (annual), which will open a page on which you can create tables by selecting various kinds of information and countries. Using the fields, create tables by selecting the following: Three countries that interest you. The most recent five years for which data is available. Either “4B Hours of work in manufacturing” OR ” 5B Wages in manufacturing.” Print out your tables for use in this assessment. Requirements HR professionals are often called upon to present recommendations to corporate management and other stakeholders for increasing an organization’s effectiveness. The ability to create a succinct and comprehensive presentation is a valuable skill to possess. Based on your research of international labor statistics and the organization you selected, complete the following two-part assessment: Part 1– Write a paper that includes the following components: Briefly compare the data for the three countries you selected. Determine which country you would recommend for further investigation as a potential overseas manufacturing site for your selected company. Explain why you selected this country. Identify the types of additional information needed to make a final decision. Part 2 – Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that represents your findings from Part 1. Be sure to follow the guidelines listed below. Submission Guidelines Part 1: Your submitted assessment should include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page. Be sure you support your analyses with references to at least two resources. You should format this assessment as a research paper following APA 6th edition guidelines for both style and citing sources, making sure that you also use correct grammar and mechanics. There is no required minimum or maximum page length; however, you should strive to be as detailed as possible in addressing each bullet point, while also being as clear and concise as possible. Part 2: Audience: Decision makers and members of management of your chosen organization. Length: 8-10 slides. Resources: Use APA guidelines in your PowerPoint presentation to cite and reference your sources. If you use a source in the text of a slide, you need to reference it on the slide. The last slide of your presentation should be your reference list. Elements: Introduction, Recommendations, Conclusion. Complexity: Do not get hung up on adding graphics, audio, or video. This should be a summary of findings and recommendations that highlights the key points of the information you gathered for Part 1 You are required to submit your assessment to the Turnitin source matching tool. Refer to the FlexPath instructions on the Turnitin iGuide page, linked in the Assessment Resources. You must submit both parts of the assessment. Refer to the Labor Relations Recommendations Assessment Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assessment. Submit your assessment for faculty evaluation by clicking the linked assessment title in the assessment link below. Be sure to include the corresponding Turnitin report with your assessment.

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