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Bus 517 Week 7 Dqs

This paper of BUS 517 Week 7 DQs gives the answers on:

Resource SchedulingPlease respond to the following:Determine three most common problems associated with multi-project resource scheduling. Next, analyze at least three ways in which outsourcing project work alleviates those common problems that you determined.From the e-Activity, the project charter is a plan or a statement which shows the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders. Analyze at least three ways in which the project charter can address the types of resource constraints inherent in a business project.Reducing Project DurationPlease respond to the following:Determine two advantages and two disadvantages of reducing project scope to accelerate a project. Justify your responses with examples.Per conventional wisdom, shortening project duration may come at the expense of overtime, the addition of personnel, and acquiring more expensive equipment and / or materials. Sometimes, cost savings can be generated by extending the duration of a project. Suggest at least two additional options that can be used to cut costs. Provide a rationale for your suggestion. Note: Make sure the options you suggested are NOT covered in Chapter 9 of the textbook.

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