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Bus 352 Week 2 Quiz

This document of BUS 352 Week 2 Quiz includes answers to the next questions:

1. All of the following are characteristics of WAYN except:

When it introduced fees for its premier travel membership service, it lost most of its new subscriptions.

It is a popular social networking Web site.

It is not aimed at any particular age group.

It enables its users to create a personal profile and upload and store photos.

2. Both online banks and click-and-mortar banks carry some risks and problems, especially in international banking, including hackers and liquidity risk.



3. Compared to the traditional job market, the online job market ________.

tends to be less reliable

is usually specialized and local in scope

tends to be much less expensive

has a shorter life cycle

4. Which of the following is a characteristic of e-tailing?

Price changes are expensive, but can be done at anytime.

Competition is local.

Fewer resources are needed to increase customer loyalty.

Customer relations are less stable due to anonymous contacts.

5. All of the following describe retailing except:

A retailer is a sales intermediary.

E-tailing makes it easier for a manufacturer to sell directly to customers by cutting out the intermediary.

Many manufacturers sell directly to consumers and through wholesalers and retailers. Companies that produce a large number of products, such as Procter & Gamble, do not need retailers for efficient distribution.

6. The ethical issue raised by profiling customers too precisely is:


invasion of privacy.

theft of intellectual property.


7. experienced all of the following except:

It maintained its position as the number one e-tailer in 2006.

It assured its financial success and profitability by 2005.

Growth was driven largely by product diversification and its international presence.

Profitability dropped in 2006 because of huge investments in IT infrastructure and their new Prime discount shipping program.

8. Characteristics of include all of the following except:

It provides people at all education levels with timely information about careers and employment opportunities nationwide.

It makes it easy for job searchers to explore available openings.

It is a career portal created by a number of leading companies to reduce recruitment costs. It is used primarily to catalog business and accounting job postings.

9. All of the following describe click-through rate except:

It may be less than or equal to the conversion rate.

It measures the success of a banner in attracting visitors to click on the ad.

It is the ratio between the number of clicks on a banner ad and the number of times it is seen by viewers.

It is a request for data from a Web page or file.

10. Procter & Gamble (P&G) used the Internet in the new product development of Whitestrips, a teeth-brightening product. Based on this experience, P&G:

learned that the cost of online surveys was about the same as similarly sized telephone surveys, but online surveys expedited research considerably.

reduced the time-to-market from concept to market launch by approximately two years.

decided to add Internet research to its traditional marketing test model.

could not determine the target market segments for the Whitestrips.

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