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Bus 340 Week 1 Assignment Office Move Voicemail

This pack of BUS 340 Week 1 Assignment Office Move Voicemail comprehends:

Late on a Friday afternoon, you learn that the facilities department is going to move you – and your computer, desk, and all of your files – to another office first thing Monday morning. However, you have an important client meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon in your office, and you need to finalize some contract details on Monday morning. You simply cant lose access to your office at this point, and you are more than a little annoyed that your boss didnt ask you before approving the move. He has already left for the day, but you know he usually checks his voicemail over the weekend so you decide to leave him a message asking him to cancel the move or at least call you at home as soon as possible. Using the voicemail guidelines in Table 2.5 in Chapter 2, develop a script of the message to your boss that is 150 to 200 words and formatted according to APA style guidelines.

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