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Bshs 305 Week 2 Individual Quiz Graded

This document of BSHS 305 Week 2 Individual Quiz Graded includes answers to the next questions:

Directions: Select the correct answer for each question.

1. Information about models of service delivery is important to human service professionals because

a. they are likely to be working with professionals who practice other models

b. agencies hire those who are skilled in more than one model

c. most problems require the service of at least two models

d. they are likely to practice in other models

2. Three basic models of service delivery include traditional psychiatry, the public health approach, and the

a. casework model

b. psychopharmacology model

c. supernatural model

d. human services model

3. The goal of the public health model is to

a. provide opportunities and conditions for health as a basic human right

b. eliminate disease and disability

c. integrate social, environmental, and biological factors

d. serve as a link between the medical and human service models

4. Which of the following represents the problem-solving approach?

a. Focusing on the present and the future

b. Encouraging the client to solve problems

c. Teaching the client problem-solving skills

d. Seeing life in terms of clearly defined problems

5. Integrated services reflect work with the client that is

a. ethical

b. professional

c. coordinated

d. confidential

6. Which of the following is the process that assists helpers with understanding their own attitudes and feelings?

a. Self-awareness

b. Clinical judgment

c. Congruence

d. Ethical integrity

7. Which of the following responses is not an example of empathy?

a. You miss your family.

b. Twenty years without parole is a long time.

c. It must be lonely at times.

d. I feel sorry for you locked up day and night.

8. One of the largest categories of specialists is

a. counselors

b. physicians

c. social workers

d. volunteers

9. Providing direct service to clients, one of three areas of responsibility for human service professionals, is illustrated by which roles?

a. Advocate, broker, caregiver

b. Behavior changer, caregiver, educator

c. Broker, educator, evaluator

d. Consultant, data manager, facilitator

10. The difference between frontline workers and administrators is basically one of

a. client contact

b. budgets

c. education and training

d. job title

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