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Art Versus Sports


In this day and age, especially in Texas (where the crazy “No Child Left Behind” act really began – actually “Every Child Left Behind”), the Arts are being cut every year from school systems, and the sports programs continue to be funded, the question of what is really important is begged to be asked.

What is the purpose of Education?  Are sports important in the schools due to the obesity epidemic in the USA (One might argue that it is a family/home-life issue, and no sport in schools will not change that epidemic)?  Most athletes have a very short shelf life, where the Arts can be enjoyed well into old age, what is really important for a rounded education?  Arts also help students release frustration and anxiety in a constructive manner, without violence.

Yup, here is a can of worms.  You face it, and your kids will face it as well. So, research and answer the proposed questions, while stating only facts (cited research) and maybe asking some new questions as well!!!  

(350-400 words, with 3 citation)

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