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Andrea L Lee Dpa A Lee Professional Questionnaire

“I attend professional conferences and meetings whenever possible to keep my knowledge and skills current. I read trade magazines; carry them in my car to read during down times so I can keep abreast of trends, issues, and new rules and regulations.”

– Andrea L. Lee, DPA A. Lee, Professional Questionnaire, November 28, 2012

Learning is a lifelong process. There are many ways that you can earn credit, certification, and knowledge in your field. It does not have to be something as time consuming as a degree. Something as simple as attending a company workshop also counts as professional development. Your employer may offer options for you to participate in trainings. Educational materials are also available through professional organizations and conferences.

your responses in the 75-word range. Respond to at least two of your classmates with meaningful comments in accordance with your Syllabus.

I need two 75 words responses for the following

Discussion Topic

Discuss at least three ways that you can gain additional knowledge within your field that will not be a large financial burden on you.

Unit 8


2/26/2014 4:51:19 PM

In my current job, I can take extra learning by going to meetings that cover other areas within my company. And that cost me nothing. A person can also take two day seminars on leadership roles. And can learn how to be an effective leader. Those seminars are low cost as well. Some colleges offer the opportunity to observe classes before you take them to see if they will benefit you in your future. There are many things people can learn from watching others do a certain job that do not cost anything. I am the type of person like many others that learn by doing things over and over.

 8 Discussion


2/26/2014 6:26:42 PM

Discuss at least three ways that you can gain additional knowledge within your field that will not be a large financial burden on you.

There are several ways you can gain knowledge within your field that are on a budget.  One great resource is the internet where you have free information in regards to your field, reading of updates, news and publications just like your local library.  Also, on the internet you can access organizations that are in your field for a student discount which will grant you access to experts in your field, news, publications, seminars, CEU’s, certifications and up to date information.  It also assists with networking, employment and future business opportunities.  

Another way to gain knowledge in your field is as a student, taking advantage of you school’s resources such as class and classmates, educators, groups and clubs, library and the school website as well.  

Also, social networking accounts are another inexpensive to gain knowledge in your field.  There are so many opportunities today that you can open a free account or an upgraded one for a small additional fee.  Some of these are Facebook, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Meetup.  All of these groups offer networking opportunities, information of a variety of fields, seminars and resources as well.  

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