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Assignment 3: Excel Problems At the end of each module, you will apply the module’s concepts by completing comprehensive assignments from the textbook. Complete problems P16A-17B (p. 898), P16A-19B (p. 899), P18-24A (p. 979), P18-26A (p. 980) in your textbook. Present your analysis of the assigned problems in Excel format. Enter non-numerical responses in the same worksheet using textboxes. By Wednesday, August 26, 2015 deliver your assignment to the M2: Assignment 3 Dropbox. Create the file with the following name: LastnameFirstInitial_M2A3.Excel.xls. Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum Points P16A-17B Drew time line for assembly department 2 Computed the equivalent units 3 Assigned total costs in the assembling department 3 Prepared T-account for WIP inventory 3 P16A-19B Drew time line for preparation department 3 Computed the equivalent units 3 Compute total costs 3 Prepared journal entry to record costs of sheets 3 Posted journal entries to WIP inventory and calculated ending balance 3 P18-24A Computed revenue and VC for each show 2 Computed number of shows BP must perform to break even 3 Computed number of shows needed to earn $3,825,000 profit 3 Prepared BP’s contribution margin income statement 3 P18-26A Computed Big Time’s break even revenue in dollars 3 Computed dollar revenues needed to earn OI of $11,200 3 Graphed Big Time’s CVP relationships 4 Computed new BEP if average revenues increased to $900 per trade 3 Total: 50

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